Is educational system need to be changed?

Today the expectation is radically different. Educator, civic leaders, parents and non parents expect all students will learn at high levels and that what they learn will be related to matters once reserved for the elite – that is all children are to be provided a high–quality academic education. If this is to happen we need schools that nurture engagement rather than simply producing compliance and attendance and harvesting whatever engagement should happen to occur.

Even at its best the present system of schooling will not produce high order learning among most students. The unfortunate fact is that our educational system is working as it was designed to work, but the way it was designed to work is not adequate to our present needs and expectation. [1], (Schlechty 2005, xii).


1. Schlechty, P.C. Creating great school: Six critical system at the heart of       educational innovation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 2005.



Education of 21 Century

There are ten major skills that workers should possess (“Top 10 Employability skills” 2017): communication skills, teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills, personal management skills, interpersonal effectiveness, computer/technical literacy, leadership/management skills, Learning skills, academic competence in reading and math, strong work values of the ten major skills can all be mastered through the process of education [2].

Education of 21 century demands four basic skills that must be possessed by students known as the Four C’s (4C) (“An Educator’s Guide to the” Four Cs “Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society, 2017): critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. At the same time working environment, demands competencies that must be possessed by workers when they have completed university education in order to compete in the 21st century [1].


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